Vikram Vedha movie review

 Vikram Vedha movie review

Vikram Vedha is a neo-noir action thriller that was adapted from the Tamil success of the same name and is based on the well-known Indian folktale Betaal Pachhisi. Vikram, a prominent member of the Lucknow Police Special Task Force, has been tasked with tracking down and assassinating gang leader Vedha Betaal.

 Vedha does, however, turn himself in to the authorities. He begins telling Vikram stories while interrogating him, which gradually begin to alter the latter's view of good and evil.

Vikram Vedha movie review 

The movie is incredibly nicely conceived and executed conceptually. nearly anything Even the small accessories and secondary satellite characters that appear in the movie are important to the main plot. 

The film's filmmakers, Pushkar and Gayathri, who are also its authors, made it a point to hand over control of the plot to the two main characters after thoroughly establishing them. The writing in Vikram and Vedha's segments has a type of finer detailing that succeeds on numerous levels. Like Vedha's adoration of the songs of Raj Kapoor, which have been used in action situations.

 It's impressive how these subtle details have been incorporated into the story. At the end, everything is tied up cleanly and efficiently. The exception to this rule is the trail of a well-known figure like Parshuram bhaiyya, who is still active today along with his henchmen.

Even though you keep expecting it to at some point connect into the main plot, it is left unresolved. The love narrative between Chanda and Shatak (Yogita Bihani and Rohit Saraf), which gives rise to a crucial conflict in the movie, should have received a little more attention from the writers.

 Additionally, you wish for more time with Vikram and think about how Vedha grew to be so strong.

The movie's execution delivers some novelty while remaining faithful to its setting. It's not difficult to maintain track of the plot's development and the characters, even in a non-linear narrative. Yes, there are points when the action seems languid, and the conclusion seems a little prolonged.

But the movie succeeds on a lot of fronts. Like the action scenes have been incredibly skillfully choreographed. Like how Vedha escapes to a container yard in the pre-interval action scene as the cops are searching the area for him. It's clever to use Lucknow as the backdrop.

 The food, byways, and neighbourhoods all have excellent local flavours that are sprinkled throughout the movie. The soundtrack to the movie is above average. Hrithik dancing in the video makes the Alcholia song even better, yet you question whether it was actually necessary.

The balance of the movie leans more toward Vedha's character, which Hrithik played superbly.

He is brutal, intimidating, and at times incredibly emotional. He definitely captures the essence of the character. He makes a believable Vedha with ease. The dialect is unavoidable and makes you think of the actor from his Super 30 avatar; that needs a little more focus.

Saif's portrayal of an upright police officer who believes he can distinguish between good and wrong complements Hrithik nicely.

 He has control over his body language, accepts the character's inner strengths and weaknesses, and does a great job of capturing the steady shift in his thinking.

 Yes, it would have been nice to see Saif in the tale a little bit more. The actor is in fine form as usual, but he could have used a little more to mull over.

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