Liger movie review

Liger movie review

Liger movie review

 There were only two possible outcomes for Puri Jagannadh's Liger because of the pre-release hoopla. It would either continue to be a huge success or it would disastrously fail. Given that the movie offers nothing new but Vijay Deverakonda's new toned physique, it's easy to guess how it did.

It's not difficult to guess how Deverakonda's new toned body performed.

Balamani (Ramya Krishnan), a single mother who raises the foul-mouthed, stuttering Liger (Vijay Deverakonda), wants her son to follow in the footsteps of his father by competing in MMA, specifically jeet kune do.

Liger movie review

In the hopes that he will win the national championships, she sends him to Mumbai to train with a well-known instructor (Ronit Roy). So this movie is a sports drama? Nope.

 Despite being urged to remain focused, Liger falls for Tanya, an online celebrity played by Ananya Panday, who constantly pursues him after seeing him engage in combat. The only difficulty? She is Sanju's sister, who is his adversary (Vishu). So, this is the tale of a wealthy girl and a poor young man's love, correct? Nope.

Then there is Mark Anderson (Mike Tyson), who is introduced into the group in the most bizarre ways. Mark Anderson was Liger's childhood hero. So, you're saying that this a dumb commercial film? It's not a very good one, regrettably.

Although Puri has never been particularly logical, his ability to make his characters so... "dumb," as Mike labels Liger in one scene, makes you question why more intelligent writing wasn't used. Tanya refers to Liger as "Chinese" for fighting in the manner he does, despite the fact that she is a martial artist's sister.

labels his type of martial arts "kung fu" and is shocked to see him land kicks. Are we to assume she has never witnessed her brother engage in a fight or even knows what style of martial arts he practises? 

Balamani describes women as seductive temptresses who will wreck her son's life and advises him to keep away from "deyyalu" (demons). You cringe at how these scenes are written.

While it's wonderful that Puri restrains himself (just a tiny bit), he can't help but destroy one well-choreographed fight scene involving ladies and one when Ananya and her friends are present with crude dialogues.

What makes a professional MMA fighter astonished about women being able to practise krav maga in 2022?

Putting aside its lack of logic, Liger fails to make an impact since its writing lacks any originality. The movie adheres to the traditional formula for a sports drama blended with mainstream cinema, which is OK, 

but it's not executed very well. The sophisticated background music by Sunil Kashyap and the camerawork by Vishnu Sharma are nice touches, but they don't keep you watching for too long.

In Akdi Pakdi and Coka 2.0, Vijay dances his heart out, yet the songs are an odd fit for a story like this. Misses include several of the battle sequences and the remaining songs, particularly the problematic Aafat.

Even Liger's stuttering serves as an advantageous story device.

I'll get to Vijay Deverakonda now, the only positive aspect of this movie. Even if the actor's lines can be hit-or-miss due to his stammer, he definitely lends sincerity to the part. He plays a rather monotone character named Liger. 

You wonder if the character will see any growth because his coach and mom (the latter more so than the former) are prone to giving lengthy talks, but that never occurs. Despite being a Mumbai-based chai vendor, doors conveniently open for him when he needs them, thus his supposed struggle isn't all that difficult.

Despite all of that, Vijay not only seems good-looking and appealing, but also inspires support for the role. It's unfortunate that you can't because of the content.

Ramya Krishnan is portrayed as the devoted mother, although she shouts excessively. Although Ananya Panday appears cute, there is obviously much room for development in her acting. Despite the stupid phrases that are given to him, Getup Srinu is funny in several moments. 

The remainder of the cast, including Ali, Ronit Roy, Vishu, is just ok. Although the much-anticipated appearance by Mike Tyson falls flat, there is a wonderfully meta ear-biting sequence included for the fans. However, no one accepts that conclusion.

Ironically, Liger is often asked to focus as the screenplay itself struggles to do the same. Puri is unable to provide a satisfying ending to any of the tracks; things just keep unfolding randomly.

 We as well as Vijay deserved better. As promised by the filmmakers, Watt Laga Diya, but not in a nice way.

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