Darlings Movie Review

Darlings Movie Review

According to a broad definition, a domestic noir is a dramatic thriller that takes place in a home and features mainly female protagonists and relationships. Most of them have a psychological bent with a few slasher and horror elements thrown in.

 Darlings includes all of the aforementioned, albeit in a humorous way. It is home noir with a good amount of dark humour. It is also a morality story that emphasises domestic abuse. Domestic violence is a problem that our culture neglects much too often. 

Particularly in lower-middle class and middle class households, it has become so commonplace that it no longer raises eyebrows.

It is no longer a source of consternation in lower-middle class and middle class households. No one ever steps in when there is a situation between a husband and wife because people typically perceive it as a "issue." 

A tragic example of this is when a young bride's hands are being mehendi-ed after hearing a disturbance in the residence below Alia Bhatt and Vijay Varma's home, and the woman operating the parlour doesn't even stop.

Alia Bhatt's character, Badrunissa "Badru" Shaikh, is wed to Hamza Shaikh (Vijay Varma), a senior TC with the railways who also happens to be a recalcitrant alcoholic.

Darlings Movie Review

It has been a union of love for them. He has a history of hitting her without warning whenever he feels like it, originally attributing it to drink. She makes the ideal omelette for him in the morning and is so submissive that she pardons him every time. She believes he will stop drinking once he has children. 

However, her mother Shamshunissa (Shefali Shah), who also resides in the same chawl, disagrees. Shamshunissa wants her daughter to be freed from her controlling husband. Badru is a hopeless romantic who believes that one day, love will triumph above all. She experiences a tragedy and her eyes open.

She makes the decision to give him a lesson by making him taste his own medication. Before fate steps in and puts things back in order, that is when things begin to get out of control.

Domestic violence not only causes psychological scars but also bodily ones. Hard-hitting passages that paint Bardru as the monster he is occur when Hamza repeatedly insults his self-respect and dignity. She endures a lot of abuse, so her retribution feels justifiable at all costs. However, the movie thankfully stays away from offering up vengeance porn. 

The overarching lesson is that you run the risk of becoming into the same monster you've sworn to slay.

And for the sake of one's own soul, one should resist giving in to that need.

Badru and Hamza's pretty large house in a chawl is essentially the only location where the drama is taking place. Along with the three main characters, there are three supporting cast members: a perennially befuddled inspector (Rajesh Sharma); a strong, silent supporter (Roshan Mathew),

 who plays Zulfi, a jack-of-all-trades who hides a secret of his own; and Roshan Mathew, who plays Zulfi. A crucial part of the tale is played by the supporting cast members as well.

The stereotypical abusive husband is portrayed by Vijay Varma. It's difficult to detect the evil that lurks in his heart since he acts so casually when using violence and acts so normally otherwise.

that his heart is filled with wickedness, it is difficult to detect. The actor flawlessly captures all the intricacies of the character, a merciless serial abuser who lacks any excuse for his deeds. Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah are responsible for the movie. 

They communicate almost entirely nonverbally, perfectly reading each other's motions and nonverbal cues. Domestic abuse runs across both of their characters. We witness their stories converge as the movie goes on. Both respond to their individual misfortunes in different ways. Their respect and support for one another in silence is genuine and relatable.

Congratulations to Alia and Shefali for putting aside their individual selves to fully commit to their roles and delivering an acting masterclass in the process.

There are points when the proceedings have an absurdist feel, but this kind of adds to the film's allure. Watch Darlings to learn more about the film's theme and to enjoy the class's excellent acting as a whole.

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