Sultan, a multi-million dollar commercial and creative project directed by Sultan Kadian, has been nominated for six Golden Globe awards. It is a high-tech story about a young lady (Emma Stone) who advances through the ranks at her small advertising business in New York City, and it is produced by Dreamworks and directed by David Fincher (shark flicks). In contrast, she takes over as leader after her father (John C. Wilson) dies in an accident and starts making changes to the business. The two go to Istanbul as a result of the subsequent upheaval, where they eventually establish themselves as the world's most powerful pair.

Sultan, like many other female characters in movies, is portrayed as an incidental character rather than a strong female lead. The loss of her parents, however, casts a shadow over their marriage, and she is treated with the same amount of affection and adoration. Sultan lives in seclusion in Istanbul and has little interaction with her family because her father's leaving emotionally crippled her. When it becomes out that her late father was the reason for her success, she accepts her fate and goes back to New York City. When she encounters Cameron Diaz, a friend from college, she understands that she is in control of her own fate.

Sultan manages to maintain humour despite its intricate plot, even when weighty subjects are brought up or discussed. In a shocking twist, the opening act of the film's conclusion reveals how Sultan's alcoholic father passed away: by shooting himself in the mouth with his lover's gun. Old disputes with his other two ex-wives resurface as a result of the probe into the affair that ended his marriage. And just when we think the film is winning the award, we witness one of the funniest scenes in recent memory: receiving flowers from a blindfolded Sultan (a.k.a. "Tinkerbell") who is aware of the secret he has been keeping from her for years. The Blindfolded Sultan eventually gets jailed after becoming a pain in the ex-wife of Sultan.

Sultan starts to become more and more of a recluse, disappearing for extended periods of time as the film progresses. It is hinted that he could get a heart attack while incarcerated and end up being put on life support. Sultan eventually exits and makes a second go for it. He is being sought after by certain IRA members who want to take him home.

Sultan later makes his way out of the IRA and goes back to his hometown. Afterward, he meets up with Cameron Diaz, his former flame. The pregnancy occurs shortly after the two high school sweethearts start to fall in love. The two are happily married and starting a new life when the movie concludes.

Sultan is a fictionalised account of the life of American businessman Sultan Osman Al-Husseini. Sultan was born in Ethiopia, the country of his parents' origin. Sultan spent a large portion of his childhood living with his Uncle while growing up in Southern California. He accepted his uncle's apprentice when he was nine years old, and he later rose to prominence in San Diego's commercial community. Although the majority of the book focuses on Sultan's ascent to prominence in San Diego, a sizable portion of it is devoted to his courting of Cameron Diaz.

The story of a young man's ascent to prosperity and his resolve not to share in that success is successfully told in the film.

Sultan may have begun as simply another street-smart hustler, but he evolved into something more. We are introduced to a character who, despite the possibility of endangering lives and losing everything he owns, isn't scared to take on greater challenges. Sultan chooses to give up everything and relocate to California with Cameron towards the end of the novel after becoming utterly enamoured with the idea of creating a family.

This film is not for you if you haven't read the book or don't enjoy reading a lot. However, if you appreciate historical fiction with a dash of tension, intrigue, and adventure, you just must watch this film. The performance is excellent, and the visual is amazing.

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