Sooryavanshi 2021

 Sooryavanshi Movie Review Sooryavanshi 2021

Director: Rohit Shetty

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, Javed Jaffrey, Jackie Shroff

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 145 minutes

Action, drama and lots of entertainment!

Twelve blasts that occurred in quick succession in Mumbai in 1993 rocked the nation and the city. One of the first significant terrorist incidents to do so was this one, which brought the India-Pakistan conflict back into the public eye.

 Sooryavanshi starts off in this manner. Veer Sooryavanshi, who portrayed the role after losing both of his parents in one of the attacks, Akshay Kumar becomes a member of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). 

When he's at work, he has a serious demeanour and a severe countenance, but when he's with his loved ones, he shows his true colours. His wife is Riya (Katrina Kaif), a medical professional who treated him when he was shot a few years ago.

The couple does not, however, live together, and an unexpected flashback with a beautiful song explains why. Aryan, a son of Riya and Veer, once had a gunshot wound to the shoulder after getting caught in the crossfire between his father and the bad guys. Riya made the decision to avoid Veer ever since, which led to the dissolution of their marriage as a result.

To continue the narrative, Jackie Shroff's character, Omar Hafeez, the leader of the Lashkar, has placed 600 kg of RDX in India. In India for more than ten years, forty of his men form a sleeper cell under the direction of Hafeez's son Riaaz (Abhimanyu Singh).

To explain everything and revive memories of the terrorist attacks the nation has endured over the past three decades, the movie takes a pretty drawn-out and plodding turn. With the introduction of Simmba, there is a sudden change in the second half (Ranveer Singh).

 With each sentence he speaks, he makes you laugh. In the second half, Simmba plays a significant supporting role and is the main reason the bomb attacks are successfully stopped in time.

The last act then follows. In the ATS headquarters, which he plans to blow up, Riaaz grabs Riya and takes her hostage along with the officers. Simmba's discussion with the terrorists regarding the consequences of their actions turns a very serious scene into a laughing fit.

When Simmba informs the terrorists of the effects their employment will have on Pakistan's economic, financial, and social problems, a rather sombre moment transforms into a laughing fit. 

This serves as a brief introduction before he breaches the fourth wall to introduce Bajirao Singham, the third police officer in the universe (Ajay Devgn). 

Another dramatic entrance, another round of intense fight scenes with shots being fired and automobiles being blown up. 

Singham comes to the rescue.

Sooryavanshi Movie Review Sooryavanshi 2021

Currently, the three police officers are cooperating.

To begin with, they defuse the final bomb and save Riya.

A lengthy combat scene with humorous punchlines follows that. 

In addition to working together to eliminate the terrorist threat, Sooryavanshi, Singham, and Simmba

Additionally, we get to see a preview of Singham 3's plot. To keep you interested in the story, director Rohit Shetty has made sure to give each character as much background information and context as possible. The movie has some didactic parts, while other times it touches the audience's emotions with its depictions of religion, hardship, and the partition.

 In a detailed sequence, the chief priest of the temple wishes to take the Ganesh statue with him as they escape the mosque and the temple. He's accompanied by the mosque's top priest since he can't do it alone. They transport the idol outside as the song Hum Hindustani plays in the background.

Every scene bears the distinctive style of Rohit Shetty. Everything you can imagine is destroyed every fifteen minutes. As well as automobile and helicopter chases, there are bike and jet-ski chases.

Sooryvanshi is a pure entertainer who packs strong nationalistic blows. Additionally, it adds the final piece to Shetty's Cop Universe. As Sooyavanshi, Akshay Kumar is ideal. You like him right away, starting with the way he walks and talks. 

In one of the movies' most moving scenes, Katrina gives a strong performance as well. In their respective roles in Simmba and Singham, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn also shine.

This Diwali, Sooryavanshi has been a pleasure for us, and you cannot think of a larger or wilder cause to return to the theatres than this insane performer.

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