Sooryavanshi 2021

 Sooryavanshi Movie Review 

Director: Rohit Shetty

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, Javed Jaffrey, Jackie Shroff

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 145 minutes

Filmfare Rating: 3.5/ 5.

Action, drama and lots of entertainment!

In 1993, Mumbai suffered a series of twelve bombings that shook up the city and the country. This was one of the very first major terrorist attacks that put the focus of the world back on the India-Pakistan dispute. This is where Sooryavanshi begins. After losing his parents to one of the attacks, Veer Sooryavanshi played by a very fit, fine and charming Akshay Kumar joins the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). He's a serious man with a stern face when he's on the job but has his personality quirks when he's with his family and friends. He's married to Riya (Katrina Kaif), a doctor who 'd treated him after he was shot at a few years ago. The couple however does not live together and the reason for this is told in a sudden flashback with a romantic number. Riya and Veer have a son named Aryan who once got shot in the shoulder as he was caught in a crossfire between his father and the bad guys. This caused their marriage to break up and Riya decided to stay away from Veer since then.

To continue with the story, Lashkar head Omar Hafeez played by Jackie Shroff has planted six hundred kilograms of RDX in India. Forty of his men form a sleeper cell and live in India for over ten years, led by Hafeez's son Riaaz (Abhimanyu Singh). This sleeper cell wakes up when Riaaz is captured by Sooryvanshi and starts to plan a bigger bombing than 1993. The film takes a rather slow and stretched turn to explain all of this and bring back the memory of the terrorist attacks the country has faced in the last three decades. There's a sudden shift in the second half with the entry of Simmba (Ranveer Singh). He makes you chuckle with every line he delivers. Simmba plays quite a pivotal role in the second half and he's the reason the bomb attacks are averted in time.

Then comes the final act. Riaaz captures Riya and holds her hostage along with the officers in the ATS headquarters that he intends to blow up. A very serious scene turns into a laughter riot when Simmba talks to the terrorists about the repercussions their job will have on the economical, financial and social conditions of Pakistan. This is a small prelude before he breaks the fourth wall to announce the arrival of the third cop in the universe, Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn). Another grand entry, another round of action-packed fight sequences, bullets fired and cars blown up. Singham saves the day.

Now we have the three cops working together. They first get rid of the last bomb and save Riya. Then comes a long fight sequence with some funny punch lines. Sooryavanshi, Singham and Simmba combine to get rid of the terrorist menace and as a bonus, we also get to see a glimpse of what Singham 3 will be all about.

Director Rohit Shetty has made sure to add as much detailing and back story to every character to keep you connected to the plot. There are moments where the film gets slightly preachy and there are other moments that make the audience emotional over religion, suffering and the partition. There is an elaborate scene where a mosque and a temple have to be evacuated and the head priest of the temple wants to carry the Ganesh idol with him. Unable to do so alone, he is joined by the head priest of the mosque. The song Hum Hindustani plays in the background as they carry the idol out.

There is a Rohit Shetty signature in every scene. Everything you can possibly think of is blown up every fifteen minutes. There are bike chases, car chases, helicopter chases and a jet-ski chase as well.

Sooryvanshi is an outright entertainer that comes packed with patriotic punches. It also adds the third peg to Shetty's Cop Universe. Akshay Kumar is perfect as Sooyavanshi. From his gait to the way he talks, you like him from the word go. Katrina also delivers a good performance and shines in one of the most emotional scenes in the films. Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn too excel in their Simmba and Singham avatars.

Sooryavanshi is a treat that's been served to us this Diwali and you can not imagine a bigger or a crazier reason to go back to the theatres than this mad entertainer.

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