Rajkummar's first "Rajneeti" trilogy includes the movie Roohi as its second instalment. In the first movie, "Nanban," Roohi portrayed an elderly palace guard who gets entangled in an affair with a young, attractive, and aristocratic woman who had a shadowy history. D'Shedar Majya was originally cast in the part, but Naseer, who had previously portrayed the part in the first movie "Nanban," was eventually cast as Roohi. Since Naseer also played Joginder Nagra in the movie, he was given the opportunity to acquire the desired role in Roohi. Even though the movie had some respectable audiences, it did poorly at the box office.

Part two of Rajkummar's first "Rajneeti" trilogy is the film Roohi. In the first movie, "Nanban," Roohi played an elderly palace guard who becomes entangled in the affair of a young, gorgeous, and aristocratic lady who had a murky history. Prior to Naseer being cast as Roohi, D'Shedar Majya, who had originally been cast in the role, had played Roohi in the first movie, "Nanban." In addition to playing Joginder Nagra, Naseer also won the coveted role of Roohi as a result of his performance in the movie. Despite drawing some respectable audiences, the movie didn't fare well at the box office.

A merchant's daughter and her meeting with a demon are the subject of the tale. Roohi, a Hindu, undergoes some conversions in the film, primarily from Muslims and Christians. The story's conversion-related premise caused various social groups to take issue with how the characters in Roohi were portrayed.

A review of the movie Roohi, however, indicates that it also explores love and the ways that people differ from one another in addition to religion and faith. Character development in the film Roohi Mumbai is strong. It was published in both Hindi and English and is based on a real-life event.

Roohi is perfect if you enjoy the horror genre. 

Roohi does a fantastic job of portraying the main character, Joginder Nagra, who is based on a true event. 

According to a review of Roohi, there are some real-life situations in the film. 

Others in the cast include Gauri, Manish Malhotra, Manjishtha, Kalia, Naveen Kaushik, and Manish Malhotra. 

As a result, Roohi is a must-watch if you want to see a frightening woman who can talk and eat people alive.

This movie is ideal for you to see if you're looking for some enjoyable horror-comedy. 

Roohi can be the ideal alternative if you don't have much time to attend a new movie in a theatre.

The movie, Roohi Mumbai, is about a young man named Joginder Nagra who relocates to Mumbai with his friend and boyfriend. They soon encounter Sunayana, a girl who is the focus of Joginder's love. They stay together every night, but Joginder has problems when he learns that his sweetheart is married to a much older guy. Sunayana dumps him after learning that he is in love with her, despite his efforts to keep things together. Joginder thus has a lonely existence in Mumbai.

Many people have complimented Roohi Mumbai, which is freely accessible on all the major online and offline movie platforms and may also be seen.

In addition to Manjishtha and Roohi, Alok Jaafur appeared in this movie and had conversations with Satya Poonam, Manjishtha, Manish Malhotra, and Bhimsen Joshi, four well-known ladies. These movies went on to receive best picture nominations at the National Awards, and some of the actors and actresses who starred in Roohi Mumbai praised the movie for its harsh, realistic portrayal of life in Mumbai.

Bollywood and Indian society as a whole continue to be affected by Roohi Mumbai. Along with the movie, Rana Daggone also produced and directed the Akshay Kumar-led horror comedy Babu saab cum rolo. It was released on April 11 and quickly gained enormous popularity both online and off. Due to its popularity, there will be a lot more Roohi Movie releases in the near future.

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