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 The movie Dangal is set during the partition period in Indian Kashmir. It depicts the life under the reign of the British. The role played by Aamir Khan in Dangal is worth applauding. His contribution towards the world of cinema is undeniable. Aamir's work in Dangal is in a class of its own and every person who has not seen it should get the chance to see it.

Dangal Review by Rohit Vats: Dangal can be Aamir Khan's best ever performance till now. Yes, even better than Lagaan as well. Dangal cast: Aamir Khan, Sakhi Tanwar, Girish Kulkarni, Aparshakti Khurrana. Director: Nitesh Tiwari

Most of the Dangal reviews concentrate on Aamir's film Lagaan and fail to discuss his contribution to the success of Dangal. Aamir Khan made his film Dangal with a lot of effort alone, without any professional help. His dedication and hard work paid off when he finally saw his film Dangal through the movie theater. Aamir Khan deserves the highest accolades for the directing job he did in Dangal and the brilliant way he portrayed his characters.

After seeing Dangal, I felt that Aamir Khan had successfully completed his first viewing of Dangal and I wanted to know what more he had planned to achieve with the rest of his career. Well, having seen Dangal, I was convinced that Aamir has a very unique style of capturing emotions and capturing life-changing moments in his films. He is the pioneer in modern day film entertainment.

Dangal depicts the story of a young housewife named Prem Chopra (Amitabh Bachhan) who lives with her husband Sanjay (Chhotelal Mishra), a celebrated wrestler, and their two daughters Manjishtha (Aruna Patil) and Manishtha's son Priyadarshan (Nishita Patil). Prem is deeply involved in the daily home-work as well as taking care of the domestic responsibilities of her family. The late night talkshow between her two daughters regarding the recent marriage of their father to a new lady named Dayal (Nitin Rathore), makes Prem very unhappy. It leads to her getting herself involved in all sorts of marital affairs that take her far from the peaceful family life she desires.

A Dangal film is not merely a sexual comedy but revolves around the theme of matrimony, love, betrayal, lust, beauty, motherhood, fatherhood and so on. What makes Dangal the best films of recent years is the seamless blend of humor and romance which has been Aamir's trademark. This not only holds true for Dangal, but for all his films up to now. His attempts at humor range from comic gimmicks to subtle references to various pop culture elements but all of it always lands on the same notes.

Dangal is no different from other comedy flicks. A pair of brothers, Jai and Kaul, play the lead roles. Arun Mohan, Sushmita Sen, Manish Shetty, Manish Malhotra and Priyadarshan Soman Nair are the supporting characters. Dangal takes its cue from much more mature than the earlier films of Manish Malhotra and Soman Nair and takes a lighter tone to the proceedings. The entire cast and crew knows that its a family affair and the film is accordingly filled with laughter and fun.

Overall, Dangal is a decent film and an inspired life-journey by Arundhati Arogya. If you haven't watched Dangal, I would strongly recommend it to start with. I'm sure you will be back t o see for the second installment. So till then Dangal is a fine start for anyone who is a fan of the genre or who wants to discover the colorful world of Indian cinema. I would say go for Dangal and have the greatest time with your family!

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