Dangal Movie

Dangal Movie 

In Indian Kashmir, the partition era is the setting of the film Dangal. It portrays life during the British Empire. Aamir Khan should be commended for the part he played in Dangal. It is impossible to dispute his impact to the film industry. Everybody who hasn't seen it should have the opportunity to view Aamir's work in Dangal because it is truly exceptional.

Review of Dangal by Rohit Vats: Aamir Khan's performance in Dangal might be his greatest to date. Yes, it's even better than Lagaan. Aamir Khan, Sakhi Tanwar, Girish Kulkarni, and Aparshakti Khurrana are members of the Dangal cast. Nitesh Tiwari is the filmmaker.

The majority of Dangal reviews focus on Aamir's film Lagaan and omit to talk about how he helped make Dangal a success. Without the aid of any professionals, Aamir Khan put a lot of work into making the movie Dangal. When he finally saw his film Dangal in a theatre, all of his hard work and dedication had paid off. The outstanding directing work Aamir Khan performed on Dangal and the way he portrayed his characters merits the highest praise.

After watching Dangal, I thought Aamir Khan had accomplished his goal of seeing the film for the first time, and I was curious as to what else he had in store for the rest of his career. Having seen Dangal, though,

I was persuaded that Aamir has a really special way of expressing emotions and immortalising pivotal moments in his movies. He established the contemporary cinematic entertainment industry.

In the movie Dangal, Amitabh Bachhan plays Prem Chopra, a young housewife who lives with her famous wrestler husband Sanjay (Chhotell Mishra), their two kids Manjishtha (Aruna Patil), and Manishtha's son Priyadarshan (Nishita Patil). In addition to managing her family's household duties, Prem is heavily invested in her daily housework. Prem is extremely upset by the late-night discussion between her two daughters over the recent union of their father with Dayal (Nitin Rathore).

She ends up being involved in a variety of marriage affairs as a result, which keeps her away from the tranquil family life she wants.

A Dangal movie is not just a sexual comedy; it also has themes of marriage, love, betrayal, lust, beauty, motherhood, fatherhood, and other things. The flawless blending of humour and romance in Dangal—which has been Aamir's trademark—makes it one of the best movies in recent memory. This applies to all of his films to this far, not just Dangal. His attempts at comedy span from comic gimmicks to subtly referencing various aspects of pop culture, yet they all hit the same notes.

Like other comedies, Dangal is also a comedy. The major actors are two brothers named Jai and Kaul. The supporting cast includes Priyadarshan Soman Nair, Manish Shetty, Arun Mohan, Sushmita Sen, Manish Shetty, and Manish Malhotra. Dangal adopts a lighter tone and a considerably more mature tone than the preceding movies made by Manish Malhotra and Soman Nair. Because everyone on the cast and crew recognises that this is a family affair, there is plenty of laughter and enjoyment throughout the movie.

Dangal is an outstanding movie overall and an inspiring life story by Arundhati Arogya. I would highly suggest starting with Dangal if you haven't already. You'll definitely check back to see what happens in the next chapter. Therefore, Dangal is a good place to start for anyone who like the genre or wants to explore the vibrant world of Indian cinema in the interim. I would advise you to watch Dangal and enjoy yourself immensely with your family.

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