Bhoot Police

  Bhoot Police

Brothers Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor) strive to make a living by pretending to be exorcists. Vibhooti understands it's all a fraud, but Chiraunji genuinely thinks in ghosts. He's only interested in the money and the ladies. Chiraunji believes that because their late father, Ullat Baba, was a brilliant tantrik, they should continue his history of honestly aiding others. Chiraunji is constantly attempting to decode a book of spells that their father left for them, which is written in a long-dead language.

Chiraunji spends his time attempting to understand it. Searching for them is Maya (Yami Gautam). In Dharamshala, she runs a tea estate. Their father had banished a demon from the estate 27 years prior, but it appears to have returned. Chiraunji feels that finally he can utilise his occult knowledge for good, whereas Vibhooti sees this as a god-given opportunity to take advantage of the wealthy heiress. They accompany Maya to her estate where they meet Kanika, her sister, who wishes to sell the home and relocate to London (Jacqueline Fernandez). Vibhooti is sceptical and believes that the reports of ghost sightings are faked. As he looks for a remedy, Chiraunji finds the book of spells' key.

The reality straddles both of their worldviews.

The Exorcist, Evil Dead, The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Scooby Doo, and Ghostbusters are just a few of the movies that director Pavan Kirpalani cites as influences for the picture. They actually operate out of a van that is strikingly similar to both Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine and The Ectomobile from Ghostbusters. The movie begins as pure comedy until transitioning into the horror-comedy genre, with scenes abounding in black vomit, people walking on roofs, and plenty of jump scares. Common horror clichés are used frequently, including the eerie appearance and disappearance of a little child, roots snaking in from the ceiling and windows, and ritual interruption. You won't have to cover your eyes in fright, but it's hardly the terrifying kind of The Conjuring.

The movie's scary component is undoubtedly subpar. The comedy is a strength of the filmmaker and his writing group. The funniest parts centre on fictitious exorcisms that employ various tricks to deceive the naïve populace. From superstition to nepotism, the humorous banter pokes fun at everything. You chuckle when the crowd is made to chant "Go kichkandi go" or when Saif demands that the GST be added to their pay. The character played by Jaaved Jaffrey was made to wed a goat seven times and bleats like one when he is alarmed. When taken out of context, everything seems incredibly stupid, but it all makes sense inside the confines of the movie.

The relationship between Saif and Arjun is what gives the movie its power. It gives the impression that they are brothers who, while having differing opinions on many issues, genuinely care about each other and would give their lives to protect one another. A motormouth who enjoys watching Naagin and collects vintage Playboy mags, Saif is depicted in the film as being like that. He is really funny with his frequent criticism on everything, especially his younger brother's ignorance. Arjun has the opportunity to portray a trustworthy conman. His older sibling is kept grounded by his morality and humanitarian spirit. There is no depth to the character portrayed by Yami Gautam, who is merely a driven entrepreneur with aspirations of reviving her father's enterprise.

Jacqueline unexpectedly receives the better part, that of an Instagram addict who reveals to be a cunning mind beneath the bimbo facade. Thankfully, the director hasn't committed to a love story between Arjun and Yami or Saif and Jacqueline. In the lovely settings, you won't see them singing a love song.

For the most part, the actors did a good job. The best lines in the movie go to Saif Ali Khan, and his chatty persona distracts you from the movie's shortcomings. He is thoroughly enjoying himself as an actor in these strange films.

He should keep investing more in comedy because he has perfect comic timing. The spotlight is also focused on Arjun Kapoor. For once, he plays a lighthearted and enjoyable role rather than one who is melancholy. Saif and him get along well, and he benefits from him by making them laugh a lot. It's possible that this is Yami Gautam's most commercial movie.

 She has done a wonderful job of portraying both parts of her character, which is initially just plain vanilla but subsequently shown to be spirit-possessed. The unexpected star, Jacqueline Fernandez, performs her self-centered sister role expertly. Hope she gets some more substantial jobs in the future.

Bhoot Police is a clean comedy that is free of sexual humour and toilet jokes overall. Your fear level is low.

but undoubtedly make you laugh. The story is set up for a continuation, so get ready to read about Vibhooti and Chiraunji's future exploits.

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