According to rumours, BellBottom was motivated by actual incidents. For the first time ever, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agents successfully completed a clandestine mission on foreign soil in 1984. The movie walks viewers through the progression of this operation, which was approved by the then-prime minister, Indira Gandhi. 

210 people were on board when a plane was seized by terrorists and diverted to Dubai. RAW agents intervened to salvage the day at that point. Not only were the passengers saved, but the terrorists involved were also apprehended without any casualties.

In the movie, Akshay Kumar portrays BellBottom, a RAW agent. He gets brought into RAW after being identified by one of the talent-spotters for the organisation.

In addition to playing his wife, Vaani Kapoor is depicted as working for MTNL. The role of Indira Gandhi is played by Lara Dutta. Huma Qureshi portrays a covert agent working for Pakistan's ISI. She is a member of the security team at the Dubai airport.

The origin of Akshay Kumar's character is essentially told in the first half of the film. He has a close relationship with his mother, who Dolly Ahluwalia plays deliciously well. She is your average sarcastic Punjabi mother, yet she loves her son very much nonetheless. After being mistreated by a hijacker, she suffers an asthma attack and dies, severing their relationship. RAW agents utilise this tragedy as leverage when recruiting Akshay by reminding him of it when they arrive to hire him.

Vaani and Akshay are currently wed. He informs her that after joining RAW, he was employed by an embassy and that his position requires travel and concealment. He quickly establishes himself as one of their top agents, and as such, his superiors, with the PM's full support, give him command of this extremely delicate operation.

The main plot of the novel revolves around how he uses both intelligence and muscle to outsmart the hijackers.

A strong performance from Akshay Kumar in the movie. He is depicted as a committed RAW agent who is passionate about his country and is willing to risk his life to complete his job. He uses a lot of punch lines in his language and stylized movement. 

His supporters will be clapping and whistling with delight. Vaani Kapoor excels at portraying the devoted wife, and her chemistry with Akshay is spot-on.

There is a twist in her character that is worth the wait. In addition to looking the part, Lara Dutta goes above and above in her portrayal of Indira Gandhi, perfectly replicating the late PM's distinctive facial expressions. Indeed, a brilliant performance. Despite being a little part of the movie, Huma Qureshi's presence has tremendous impact.

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