BellBottom is said to be inspired from real-life events. In 1984, a covert operation was successfully carried out on foreign soil for the first time ever by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agents. The film takes one through the journey of this operation, which had the blessings of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. A set of terrorists hijacked a plane carrying 210 passengers and diverted it to Dubai. That's when RAW agents stepped in to save the day. They not only saved the passengers but also managed to capture the terrorists involved without bloodshed.

Akshay Kumar plays a RAW agent in the film whose code name is BellBottom. He is taken into RAW after he's noticed by one of the agency's talent-spotters. Vaani Kapoor plays his wife and is shown to be working for the MTNL. Lara Dutta essays the part of Indira Gandhi. Huma Qureshi plays an undercover spy for Pakistan's ISI. She ispart of the Dubai airport security force.

The first half of the movie is a backstory of sorts about Akshay Kumar's character. He shares a deep bond with his mother, played delightfully well by Dolly Ahluwalia. She's the typical sharp-tongued Punjabi mother who nevertheless cares deeply for her son. Their bond is broken when she passes away due to an asthma attack, after being manhandled by a hijacker. RAW officers remind Akshay of this tragedy when they come to hire him and use it as leverage while recruiting him. Akshay is married to Vaani at this point. After joining RAW, he tells her he's been hired by an embassy and hence his job involves secrecy, as well as travelling. He soon develops into one of their star agents and is therefore given command of this highly sensitive operation by his seniors, with the full backing of the PM. How he utilises both his brains and brawn to outwit the hijackers forms the crux of the story.

Akshay Kumar delivers a strong performance in the film. He comes across as a dedicated RAW agent in love with his country and is shown as someone willing to put his life on the line for his mission. He's got several punch dialogue and stylised action aplenty. His fans will have a field day whistling and clapping. Vaani Kapoor plays the doting wife to perfection and her pairing with Akshay is on point. Her character has a certain twist which is worth the wait. Lara Dutta surpasses expectations playing Indira Gandhi, she not only looks the part, but has also mimicked the late PM's trademark expressions to a T. A bravura performance indeed. Huma Qureshi's contribution to the film might be minimal, but it definitely leaves an impact.

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