Bala Movie

 Bala (Abubacer) is an imaginary character of Indian mythological tradition. Bala is a mixture of good writing, good acting and direction, making it one of the top movies of2019. The story begins in the summer of 2021 when young Balmukund, now a student, is caught bathing in his own lehrite lamppost. There, he meets a fairy who transforms him into a powerful Bala, capable of destroying anything in his path. However, he must learn to control his abilities lest he destroys everything he owns.

Kanpur, the second most popular town in the state of Maharashtra, is the set of Bala's residence. Here, he must become the ultimate hero by defeating the evil wizard Drakumat, whose aim is to destroy everything in sight. He does this by traveling throughout the various levels of the city and seeking out his enemies' hideouts. Along the way, he defeats several formidable opponents, including Kanheriks and a giant who resembles a dinosaur, and is the main antagonist of the film.

Best known as the villain in Hindi films, Babu is a bald, elephant-like villain in a bala movie cast. His first name, Babu, translates into "disappear" in English, while his last name,urga, means "giraffe." Though not a traditional villain, Babu is nonetheless a very likeable character, especially among the Hindi speaking Bala movie cast.

Kanheriks are elephant-like creatures with magical powers. The name Kanheriks comes from the Sanskrit and means "wild-goose" in Hindi. The role of Kanheriks is played by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's son, Babu. The villain in this film is none other than Amar Kukath, who is the son of a powerful warlord and also a member of the evil axis of forces who plots to take over the city of Bala.

The evil plot of this film is to kill off Bala's leading hero, Prince Charming. But while he is being killed, Babu along with a few other fighters, namely Sonam, Ram and Karan, fight back. Sonam kills Charming, but Babu flees in an helicopter, pursued by Charming's army. There he encounters Leela, the beautiful, dark-skinned girl who has become his love interest. Since Babu is light-skinned, Leela helps him overcome his disability of being dark-skinned.

Once they reach the bottom of the valley, Babu undergoes a massive change in personality. He vows to help his family and his people, and kill Charming. But since Babu is light-skinned, Leela and her army of troops easily defeat him. Babu then vows to exact revenge on Charming and eliminate all his followers, including Charming himself. However, when Charming's henchman escape, Babu comes across the handsome dark-skinned boy with an amazing talent for tiki bars, named Kiara.

Since Bala's father is sick, the movie focuses on Babu's mother trying to support him financially. After a few months, Babu returns to his old ways of crime and tries to kill his new love. But with good looks like Sonam, Leela and Karan, he finally gets the chance to kill Charming. In the end, the happy ending includes Babu getting married to Ganesh, the son of an incumbent governor, and a pregnant Leela, with whom he has a daughter named Nayan.

Hindi film industry is in full swing after the popular hit movie "Chak De! India" (The White Queen), which did very well in its national release; "Chak De! Mumbai" premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in August, followed by "Singh in King Street" and "Kurban" in August-September at the Mumbai Film Festival. Directed by Shimit Amin, who also co-directed "Chak De! India", Bala Malaikyaan is a remake of Hindi movie 'Mana', which was directed by S.S. Rajamouli.

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