Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie review

No one can ever surpass Salman Khan in delivering the spectacular blockbuster hits into the big screen. Bajrangi Bhaijaan isn't a superhero film. Rather it's a character study about the life of a Bajrangi, a Mumbai hip-hop artist. Bajrangi Bhaijaan isn't just about a super hero getting out of jail but about the perils and triumphs of being a hip hop artist as well.

Playing the lead role of Bajrangi Bhaijaan Jigar has earned Salman Khan the second highest consecutive number of leading roles in a Bollywood movie (after Ashok Kumar cumulatively). While Ashok Kumar failed to hold the share of leading film roles due to some flops, Salman Khan overcame all expectations and more. Bajrangi Bhaijaan did very well at the box office in India and throughout the world.

The story revolves around a young woman named Prem Chopra, who travels from Pakistan to India to pursue her dream of becoming a pop singer in New York. Along the way, she comes into contact with an orphanage known as the Chhatri Mahal. It is here that the story begins to take shape as Prem Chopra falls in love with a girl from the shelter who happens to be the spitting image of a celebrity from her town it was her sister-in-law named Prem Sikri. However the story is not so simple to understand for non-pakistani and even for Pakistani speakers, there are some difficult choppy dialogues, some odd scenes and the entire movie seems to be on the edge of exposing the sharia law implications.

Well this movie review will try and shed some light on the movie. We shall see who exactly are the persons behind this blockbuster. The title itself has a reference to 'Bhai Jai' which is a form of Hindi term and it translates literally to 'pleasure of the women'. So you can understand the popularity behind it amongst the women folk of Pakistan and even among the Indian and International audience.

Prem Chopra plays a major character Jaswant, a singer who happens to be popular amongst the girls of Pakistan and even amongst the girls of India and other western countries. The film posters of Bajrangi Bhaijaan reveal that it was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and is starring Sufiyan Saha and Shazahn Behani. The interesting thing about this movie is that it revolves around a religious topic, which makes it different from most Bollywood movies. Most of the Bollywood movies try to portray the story of a love story, where as here the storyline is related more towards the politics and the lifestyle of the people of Pakistan.

Let us have a look at some interesting things that you would like to know about Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie. Firstly the movie is about a group of people, who belong to a tiny village called Bajrangi in Pakistan. These people are actually a part of the Bajrangi clan, which is a major political party in the country. The main character of the movie is the son of a Bajrangi. The main storyline of the film revolves around how a village gets divided into two parts after the death of a chief. Then there is a war that erupts between the forces of the two rival parties and ultimately a hero comes to save the day.

The role of the hero, who is named Bajrangi, goes a long way in selling the film. Bajrangi has an absolutely amazing role as he is given the ultimate task, which is to save his home from the forces of the opposing party. He has to perform a difficult task, which includes fighting with his friends, especially his childhood friend Sharukh. However, Bajrangi does not let anything stop him as he is given a great performance along with a lot of duets with the heroine played by Nawazuddin Haazmi. The chemistry between the two women is something that can be understood only when one watches the movie. Sharukh is played by Salma Benah, who in all probability has become one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood today.

An extremely entertaining movie, Bajrangi Bhaijaan follows the story of a typical Punjabi family, which consists of a father, a mother, and a little daughter. The father has an iron clad relationship with his mother and the daughter has a relationship with her brother, who is played by the amazing Nawazuddin. It is interesting to note that this film did not open any new plot or idea to any existing audience. It simply gave us a little story about a typical Punjabi family and a little girl, which was enough for anyone to enjoy. The film did not try to be a comedy, as it is only about the relationship between the little girl and her brother, which has a purely sentimental touch.

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