3 Idiots Movie

Greg Garcia and Paco Diaz have created a hilarious comic book titled "3 Idiots, 1st Place!". Three young buddies who are travelling to college are described in the novel as getting lost. One of them, Hire, has a strategy for visiting his old haunts. The other two are intelligent but unreformed romantics.

They are expected to be the first to find a missing student from an engineering institution, as implied by the title "3 Idiots, 1st Place!" The narrative chronicles their finding and their subsequent explorations in their quest to find the pupil. The stories are given life and made more vivid by the artwork. In this comic book, the three friends make a terrific supporting cast.

Random House, a division of Penguin Group, just published "3 Idiots, 1st Place!" in paperback. The book is a pleasant surprise, not only for the clear writing, but also for the abundance of unique comedy. The three friends walk inside a posh nightclub run by a wealthy businessman, and the tale begins. They converse with his waiters during the course of the evening and overhear one of them telling his pimp, "Don't worry; three friends simply came to say hello to you," in a chat. The three fools are now Zohan-like antiheroes as a result of that.

After spending some time in the nightclub, abhijat, a wicked, wealthy Persian prince who wishes to wed abhijat's gorgeous daughter, approaches the trio of idiots. However, they are spared when one of the waiters at the restaurant, iTouqee, recognises their pals from before and dials the police. A cab driver spots them and pursues them, but when he sees one of the three fools attempting to climb aboard, he also phones the police. They get there just in time to stop Abhijat from poisoning the princess. The three fools barely manage to flee the nightclub with the princess and iTouqee during the ensuing conflict.

The three moron are observed eating breakfast the following morning at a rancho owned by a friend of theirs named Yubair. The three guys are given money by Yubair to access the rancho, where they come across a huge bull and two hippopotamuses. Yubair tells them to leave because he believes they are foolish. But one of the three moron puts up a barbed-wire fence, enclosing Yubair, Abhijat, and iTouqee.

Yubair is killed when the hippo tears down the wall while iTouqee and Abhijat flee. Yubair is killed by Abhijat after he discovers a gun in the classroom, and the other two dunderheads are taken away to live at the rancho. The boys instantly realise they are in serious trouble.

choose to attract the hippo's attention.

The lads struggle with the hippo when he decides to take them to the woods to get food and water. The guys flee after iTouqee successfully shoots the hippo with his bow.

The 3 Idiots travel to India; Hirani is their first stop, where they meet the king's son. Ajit and Ajatsatru will be instructed in the Shastra by King Ajatsatru. The trio makes a second trip to India, where they meet Shiranji, Ajit's half-brother.

Shiranji's uncle wants to become a Buddhist, so the three of them go to China. They meet Hua Qui, a woman who instructs the lads in meditation, there.

The three fools return to India, where the monarch begins enrolling them in Madhuvaneshwar's school. However, they decide to change their names. To avoid being recognised by the king, they rename it to Ajatsatru. Ajit, who has chosen to major in engineering, is the next destination. The three fools eventually move to China, where they become incredibly well-known and have a temple named after them.

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