3 Idiots Movie

 "3 Idiots, 1st Place!" is an adorable comedy written by Greg Garcia and illustrated by Paco Diaz. The story tells of three young friends who get lost on their way to college. One of them,hirt, has a plan to get back to his old haunts. The other two are smart but hopeless romantics.

In English, the title "3 Idiots, 1st Place!" means that they are supposed to be the first to spot a missing student from engineering college. The story follows their discovery and their subsequent adventures in search for the student. The illustrations add life to the story and bring it to life. The three buddies make a nice set of supporting characters in this humorous book.

"3 Idiots, 1st Place!" was recently released in paperback by Random House, a division of Penguin Group. The book is a welcome surprise, not only because it is written in a lucid style, but also because it contains a lot of original humor. The story begins when the three amigos enter an exclusive nightclub owned by a rich entrepreneur. They spend the evening talking with his waiters, and overhear a conversation in which the waiter tells his pimp, "Don't worry; three amigos just came to say hello to you." With that, the three idiots are transformed into Zohan-like antiheroes.

After spending some time in the nightclub, the three idiots are approached by abhijat, an evil rich Persian prince who wants to marry abhijat's beautiful daughter. However, they are saved when one of the restaurant's waiters, iTouqee, recognizes their friends from earlier and calls the cops. A taxi driver sees them and follows them, but then the taxi driver notices one of the three idiots trying to jump onto the taxi, and calls the cops too. They arrive just in time to save Abhijat, who tries to poison the princess. In the ensuing battle, the three idiots barely escape the nightclub with iTouqee and the princess.

The next day, the three idiots are seen having breakfast at a rancho that belongs to a friend of theirs named Yubair. Yubair gives the three men money for passage, and they enter the rancho, where they encounter a giant bull and two hippopotamuses. Yubair thinks they're stupid, so he orders them to leave. However, one of the 3 idiots throws up a chain-link fence, trapping Yubair, Abhijat, and iTouqee inside.

iTouqee and Abhijat run away, and the hippo tears down the wall, killing Yubair. Abhijat finds a gun in the school and kills Yubair, and the rest of the 2 idiot boys are taken away to live at the rancho. The boys quickly figure out that they are in fact in deep trouble, and decide to get the hippo's attention. The hippo decides to take them to the woods to fetch water and food, and the boys fight him. iTouqee is able to shoot the hippo with his bow, and then the boys run away.

The 3 Idiots travels to India, where their first stop is Hirani, where they meet the son of a king. King Ajatsatru agrees to train Ajit and Ajatsatru in the ways of the Shastra. The three idiots travel to India a second time, where they meet Ajit's half-brother, Shiranji. Shiranji has an uncles who wants to convert to Buddhism, and the three of them travel to China. There, they meet a girl called Hua Qui, who teaches the boys to meditate.

The 3 idiots returns to India, where the king starts to send them to school at Madhuvaneshwar, but they decide to change their name. They change it to Ajatsatru, so that the king will not recognize them. The next stop is Ajit, who decides to study engineering. The story ends with the 3 idiots travelling to China, where they become very famous, and have a temple built in their honor.

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